ITNS Radio Talent Search and Showcase 2019

Contest Details:

Submit one or more of your songs (covers or originals of any genre) to ITNS radio and the panel of judges! 

For EACH song you submit you will need to pay an entry fee of $25 (Click the "Enter To Win" Button to pay at the Neon store).

To submit a song email it to: 

(Don't forget to pay the entry fee at the neon store PER song or your song will NOT be considered.)

Ensure that the email you send has your band name and that the title of the submission is clearly labeled.

5 Finalists will be chosen to perform in Las Vegas  If you are unable to attend, your song will be played at the event in front of the judges.  A winner will be chosen out of the 5 Finalists! 

If you're selected as our 2019 Talent Search and Showcase winner you'll receive a Max Promotion with ITNS radio for an entire year as well as an expense paid trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to perform in front of industry professionals at the 2019 Talent Search and Showcase! 

The Max Promotion includes:

• A radio interview custom tailored to your specifications (Note: All interviews are recorded and archived for your advertising and promotional needs).  

• Your music added to our music rotation at the VIP level. 

• Your social media links on our website.   

• A full page ad in our newsletter with a distribution of over 60,000! 

• Promos on all our social media sites at least three times weekly.  We can greatly increase the number of "likes" on your Facebook page!  

• Your press kit added to our press packet that is sent to venues nationwide for bookings.  

• Career development consultation to determine your goals with regards to your music career. Through this, we will assess what your needs are with regards to introductions to booking agents, record labels, etc.   

• We will create and/or maintain your Reverbnation, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube or four sites of your choice. We will also grow your fan base within that time frame. 

• Your single is submitted to 4500 radio stations at a rate of 141 stations/week. You will receive a spreadsheet at the end of each month with the stations playing your song. The Radio programs submitted to are a combination of internet. college, and local radio stations.

Entry Fee:

Simply follow the button below to the ITNS Neon Market to pay your entry fee per song! Or go to the neon store via the navigation bar at the top!

(Remember to select the 2019 Talent Search Entry Fee product when you're in the Market.)

All Entries are added to our regular rotation on ITNS Radio, Spotify and iHeartRadio. Airplay is always FREE!

An agreement with details will be emailed to you.  Good luck and see you "In The Neon Spotlight"

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